California State Numismatic Association

The CSNA Library

CSNA maintains a library of some 1500 volumes covering a wide range of numismatic subjects for research purposes, and makes it available to everyone.

The current User Guide for CSNA members and the latest Library Catalog can be downloaded as PDF files here:

The CSNA Library's Web Catalog is organized by Subject. Within each Subject, titles are listed by Author.

Ancient: Greece / Rome Byzantine / Medieval
U.S.A. U.S. Colonials
California Britain
World (General) Europe
Africa Asia
Australia-Oceania Middle East
North America (non USA) Latin America
Collecting & Organizations Non-numismatic titles
Audio-Visual Materials Non-English texts (any topic)


This powerpoint listing contains selected sets of slides, from the Audio-Visual Materials catalog, which have been converted to powerpoint format. The file previews are in PDF format. For information about specific titles, email Herb Miles at or Donald L. Hill

To dowload the PDF preview, click on the file name.
03a_US Copper Coin Types-Half Cents to Two Cents 07_Famous Women on Coins & Medals
23_Coins & Early Christianity
26_Crown & Minor Commemoratives, 19th, 20th Centuries #1 27_Crown & Minor Commemoratives, 19th, 20th Centuries #2a
32_A History of Colonial Paper Currency 34_World Trade Dollars
45_Hard Times Tokens 50_Coin & Currency of Early America
NEW_Intro. to the Lincoln Cent (PPTX), Notes (DOCX)